Toni has been a wealth and property investment advisor for over 20 years. She has represented families, individuals and companies. With a global client base, there has been a focus on diversifying both domestic and global portfolios. She has helped international clients diversify their real estate portfolios into United States properties. Toni also has existing relationships with buyers and sellers of off market apartments, mixed use retail, student housing, hotels and development projects.

Toni also specializes in commercial fractional ownership. Fractional Real Estate ownership can be purchased with discretionary income or the proceeds of a 1031 Exchange. Fractional purchases allow an investor to own part of a large commercial or multifamily property. This also allows geographical diversification of a real estate portfolio and at times allows the investor to purchase real estate without having to acquire a loan.

Toni is Secretary of a non profit , Wet Art. Wet Art combines athletic equipment such as wetsuits with an artists imagination creating unusual pieces of art. Funds have been raised through the auction process and then donated to children’s programs such as The Boys and Girls Club and other local charities for children with cancer.